Exciting New Blog Changes in 2019.

This blog is going to experience big changes as of 2019. I felt it was time to add more content and topics close to my heart. The topics I am going to add to my blog include Italy, Food & drink. I think you will love it! The reason behind this move is that I felt books are not a big enough part of my life. I love days out with food & drink. I am also learning the Italian […]

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A few weeks ago, My family & I had the chance to go to Barry, Vale of Glamorgan and have food in the new Brewer’s Fayre pub & restaurant. It was a success!

The service was brilliant. The staff were quick to order our requests and very friendly to customers. The drinks were of good standard and poured well.

But on to the main part of the story, My food turned up, it was piping hot and although I didn’t think it was a lot I did struggle to finish it. The presentation (as seen in the photo) was fab and the food tasted beautiful. I choose to have the new addition to their menu – Cottage Pie, which is priced at just under £10. I believe I recieved good quality food & service for my money and would order again.

COTTAGE PIE: A tasty meal from Brewer’s Faye in Barry, Vale of Glamorgan, South Wales. The UK.

THE MEAL REVIEW: The green beans were plenty & cooked gently so they were hot and had a slight crunch to them, which I like. The potato mash on top of the pie was cooked lovely and had a nice soft but slightly crunchy texture to eat, which is also how I like it. Plus the gravy wasn’t too thick or watery either which was brilliant. When I tucked into the pie itself the flavour was incredible and strong. The meal itself was filling and very satisfying to eat with lots of flavours.

FINAL WORDS: I will definitely be going again soon & recommend this place to anyone close or looking for good food for good prices & a friendly atmosphere. Please note. There is an adults only section, a family friendly section & also take table reservations but I am not sure what they cater for in the “holiday” seasons.

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A successful visit to Brewer’s Fayre