Fiction writing.

Here is where I am going to give you all the preview links to my fiction.

Edmund Charles 2017-? : (unfinished) “Edmund Charles” – Prologue (WIP #2)

MENTAL HEALTH NOVEL, 2018-? : (unfinished)

THE DARK MAN, 2019-? : (unfinished) “The Dark Man” – Chapter 1 (WIP #1)

PLAY 1, 2020-? : (unfinished) theme drugs


COMPLETE POETRY COLLECTION 2002-2013 : (finished, unpublished)

DISCLAIMER:“All works mentioned above are subject to copyright law, they are all works of fiction written by Danielle, myself, alone and can not be recreated. All works are unpublished & unedited, as of this current year (2019). If interested in works – please feel free to contact me.”

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